2014 - 2015 Season


"Everything passes away; but a whole eternity could not extinguish the living flame which was yesterday kindled by your lips, and which now burns within me."
- Sorrows of Young Werther-Goethe

For the first time on Mobile Opera's stage, Massenet's lush and tragically beautiful music draws us into the depths of Goethe's spell-binding story of Werther's obsession with Charlotte and a love that can only end in desperation and death.

The title character, Werther, is an artist with a very passionate temperament who falls in love with the beautiful Charlotte although he knows she is engaged to Albert. Charlotte follows her duty rather than her heart and marries Albert. Werther pours out his heart in letters that torture Charlotte with this love that she can neither control nor answer. Werther visits her one final time and the emotion is more than either can bear. Unable to live with his obsession, Werther commits suicide, dying in the arms of his true love.

Performances will be held October 24 and 26, 2014 at the Mobile Civic Center Theater.

Manon Lescaut

“The sweetness of her glance - or rather, my evil star already in its ascendant and drawing me to my ruin - did not allow me to hesitate for a moment...”
Manon Lescaut-Prevost

The third presentation of The Puccini Project, Manon Lescaut, is a tale of obsession, betrayal, and unresolved ambiguities set to the magnificent music of Giacomo Puccini. In Manon Lescaut, des Grieux falls in love with Manon and convinces her to abandon the idea of committing herself to the convent. She becomes his mistress but leaves him for another when his money runs out. Des Grieux is obsessed with her but Manon is obsessed with the jewels and beautiful clothes that Germont, her new lover, has given her. The original lovers are reunited but Manon cannot choose between the finery and des Grieux and is caught trying to run away with both. She is imprisoned and deported. Des Grieux follows with bribes and pleading. In the end, the two are alone in what Puccini mistakenly characterized as the desert of Louisiana where an exhausted Manon dies in poverty and rags but in the arms of the faithful des Grieux.

Performances will be held March 27 and 29, 2015 at the Mobile Civic Center Theater.