Young Artist Program

Madame Rose Developing Artist Program

The Young Artist Program (YAP), is a part of Madame Rose Palmai Tenser Developing Artist Program and provides area college and university students with an opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of professional opera.  Auditions, at times announced by Mobile Opera, are free.  Selection is made by Mobile Opera’s General Director and Chorus Master. YAP students perform in the Mobile Opera Chorus or in minor roles, working with professional singers and design artists.  “YAPPERS” also perform in gala and recital settings, Night of Song, and educational venues, allowing students a chance to hone their skills, seek advice, learn how an opera is produced, and obtain exposure and experience.  Mobile Opera provides a cash scholarship to the participants of $250 per semester.  YAPPERS are expected to participate in various programs of Mobile Opera consistent with their academic schedule.  Two to four students are selected for the Young Artist Program, one of whom is designated the Susan B. Gardberg Artist and another as the Mobile Opera Workshop Artist.

The Madame Rose Palmai-Tenser Developing Artist Program is designed to foster the next generation of opera singers by providing a “bridge” from the university and conservatory world to the professional stage. Selected by audition, these talented young singers help us to reach parts of the community we were unable to reach in the past. Our education and outreach programs have a dynamic edge and our artistic vision is accessible and meaningful.  Designed to bring opera to the broader community, the program is the cornerstone of Mobile Opera’s education and outreach programming.

Music is one of the hardest ways to make a living, but also one of the most personally rewarding endeavors humans can undertake.  These young artists came to an appreciation of their art by exposure. This is a great opportunity for them to start their musical journey at the same time they introduce yet more young people to the possibilities of a life enjoying classical singing as a singer, a listener,  or both.  It is an opportunity for Mobile Opera and its audiences to hear new talent who may well become the stars of tomorrow.