Madame Rose Scholarship Competition

Madame Rose Palmai-Tenser Scholarship Competition

The Madame Rose Palmai-Tenser Scholarship Competition is a voice competition for young singers. It is currently limited to eligible individuals in the southeastern states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

The public is invited, free of charge.  The winner will be announced at the end of the program, and cash scholarship awards will be made at that time.




Three artists were named winners of the 2020 Madame Rose Scholarship Competition, which was held last Saturday, January 11, in the Larkins Music Center. Named for the founder of Mobile Opera, this annual vocal competition provides cash scholarship awards for students of voice at the college through graduate level. This year’s competition welcomed 10 finalists from the southeastern states. Among those finalists were three prizewinners selected by a distinguished panel of judges composed of opera industry professionals, Jennifer Davison, Taylor Hightower, Larry D. Smith, and Angela Yoon. The first-place cash scholarship award was awarded to Sarah Neal (on the right) from The University of Houston. Second place was André Chiang (on the left) from Louisiana State University, and third place was Ashley Nunez (in the middle) from Louisiana State University. The remaining finalists were Claudia Affan, Samantha Anselmo, Zoe Jones, Kyle Melton, Joseph O’Shea, Megan Saslow, and Demi VanderWerff!